Get control
of your Linux servers

Simple. Effective. Awesome.
Unparalleled insights, in real-time, of everything happening on your Linux systems and applications, with stunning, interactive web dashboards and powerful performance and health alarms.

Save time. Run Linux with confidence.

Monitor everything

Analyze thousands of metrics per server. Everything about the system (CPU, RAM, disks, network, firewall, QoS, NFS, etc) and detailed performance metrics for dozens of Linux applications (such as web servers, databases servers, email servers, DNS servers, etc) and SNMP devices.

With alarms

Alarms can be set on any metric monitored by netdata. Alarm notifications are role-based and support dynamic thresholds, hysteresis and can be dispatched via multiple methods (such as email,,,,,

In real-time

netdata collects thousands of metrics per server per second, with just 1% CPU utilization of a single core, a few MB of RAM and no disk I/O at all. View everything on stunning real-time interactive web dashboards, even when netdata is running on low-end hardware.

Out of the box

netdata supports auto-detection for everything. It collects more than 5000 metrics automatically, with zero configuration, it has zero dependencies, requires zero maintenance and comes with more than 100 alarms pre-configured to detect common failures, performance and availability issues.


netdata can run anywhere a Linux kernel runs (even IoT) and its charts can be embedded on any web site too.


Custom dashboards can be built using simple HTML (no javascript necessary).


Anything you can get a number for, can be given to netdata, using its Plugin API (anything can be a netdata plugin, BASH, python, perl, node.js, java, Go, ruby, etc).


netdata scales out, your web browser is the central netdata connecting all your servers together. netdata can archive its metrics to graphite or opentsdb at a lower rate, to avoid congesting these servers with the amount of data collected.

netdata live demo sites

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Enter Atlanta!
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Charts are coming from all servers, in parallel.
The servers are not aware of this multi-server dashboard.
Each server is not aware of the other servers.
But on this dashboard they are one! (hover on the chart below)
EU - London connected clients

Want more demos?

on Amazon EC2
(smallest AMI Linux)
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on Azure
(Ubuntu 16.10 on green A1)
Enter Azure!
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on Alpine
(empty LXC container)
Enter Alpine!
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I would love to show demos of IoT devices running netdata.
If you can host at your DC an RPi or a Linux IoT, contact me.

Who uses netdata?

Figures come from users using the netdata public global registry.
Counting since May 16th 2016. Actual figures may be a lot higher.
netdata unique users
netdata monitored servers
netdata sessions served

netdata can generate auto-refreshing badges, like these:

These badges auto-refresh every minute.

netdata is featured at the GitHub's state of the Octoverse 2016