Monitor your systems and applications, the right way!

Unparalleled insights, in real-time, of everything happening on your systems and applications, with stunning, interactive web dashboards and powerful performance and health alarms.

Enter the world of Netdata!

1s granularity

Per second data collection and visualization, for all metrics!

Netdata zooms into the problems by providing higher resolution information, compared to any other monitoring solution.

The world goes real-time.
High resolution metrics are required to effectively monitor and troubleshoot systems and applications, especially on virtual environments.

Learn more about high resolution metrics

Unlimited metrics

Use all the metrics, from all available sources!

Netdata collects all the metrics native console tools do. It has been designed to kill the console for troubleshooting infrastructure slowdowns and outages.

All metrics are important and all should be available when you need them.
Filtering out most metrics is like reading a book by skipping most of its pages.

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Meaningful presentation

Explore all metrics in a meaningful, easy to understand way!

Netdata engineers and experts on our community organize metrics in a meaningful way, so that you can learn and understand them right on the job, while troubleshooting issues of your infrastructure.

Metrics are a lot more than name-value pairs over time.

It is just not practical to require from all users to have a deep understanding of all metrics for monitoring their systems and applications.

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Immediate results

Install and use immediately! Get fully functional visualization and alarms, in just a couple of seconds after installation!

Netdata decouples your skills from your monitoring infrastructure. No matter how skillful or novice you are, Netdata will apply all the community knowledge and expertise to your monitoring infrastructure.

Most of our infrastructure is based on standardized systems and applications.
It is a tremendous waste of time and effort, in a global scale, to require from all users to configure their infrastructure dashboards and alarms metric by metric.

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How it works

Netdata is a monitoring agent you install on all your systems:
physical servers, virtual servers, containers, IoT.

Netdata is lightweight, designed to permanently run on all systems without disrupting their core function. By default, it needs just 1% CPU of a single core, a few MB or RAM and no disk I/O at all.

Each Netdata is (by default) autonomous, taking care of all the following.
But all your Netdata are integrated into one large distributed application.


Netdata automatically detects data collection sources on the host it runs. It comes with hundreds of plugins for collecting system and application metrics, including databases, web servers, and commonly used application servers.

Netdata is also a high performance, distributed statsd server, allowing custom application metrics to be collected and visualized.

Check (alarms)

Each Netdata spawns a thread that examines the metrics as they get collected, evaluates pre-configured alarm expressions and triggers alarm notifications.

Netdata comes with hundreds of alarms to detect common system and application issues, that are automatically attached to the collected metrics, supporting dozens of alarm notification integrations.


Each Netdata can stream its metrics, in real-time, to any other Netdata. Streaming allows Netdata to be used in ephemeral nodes and containers in auto-scaled environments, but it also allows building Netdata hierarchies for aggregating the metrics of multiple Netdata nodes.


Each Netdata has its own internal metrics database. This database is optimized for minimal memory footprint, and due to its lockless design allows one writer and multiple readers per metric, concurrently, contributing significantly to the performance of Netdata.


Netdata can archive its metrics to time-series databases (prometheus, graphite, opentsdb, json document dbs, etc) so that Netdata can be integrated to existing monitoring tool-chains.


The best part of Netdata is its visualization. Low latency, speedy and snazzy.

Netdata dashboards are optimized for visual anomaly detection, a powerful tool to troubleshoot performance issues.


netdata live demo sites

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Charts are coming from all servers, in parallel.
The servers are not aware of this multi-server dashboard.
EU - London connected clients
Each server is not aware of the other servers.
But on this dashboard they are one! (hover on the chart above)

Who uses netdata?

Netdata is used by hundreds of thousands of users all over the world.
Check our GitHub watchers list.
You will find people working for Amazon, Atos, Baidu, Cisco Systems, Citrix, Deutsche Telekom, DigitalOcean, Elastic, EPAM Systems, Ericsson, Google, Groupon, Hortonworks, HP, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, NewRelic, Nvidia, Red Hat, SAP, Selectel, TicketMaster, Vimeo, and many more!

The following figures come from users using the netdata public global registry.
Counting since May 16th 2016. Actual figures may be a lot higher.
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netdata can generate auto-refreshing badges, like these:

These badges auto-refresh every minute.

netdata is featured at the GitHub's state of the Octoverse 2016